Ques- What is the difference between Buddy Plan and Premium Plan?

Ans -Premium Plan is Single Subscription for single individual whereas in Buddy Plan you get 2 Individual subscriptions at a better discount as compared to Single Subscription.
(In other words, Buddy Plan offers a discounted rate for two individuals with separate subscriptions. The Premium Plan is a single-person subscription.)

Ques- Will live lecture recordings be available in the app?

Ans– Yes, all live lecture will be recorded and uploaded in App within 48 hours.

Ques- What all is included in the Conceptual Radiology subscription?

Ans– Since Radiology is an ever-evolving branch with new techniques, procedures, and recent advances, It will include clinical radiology, medical physics, ultrasound demos, a radiology workstation, exam prep, and many more.
The App will give you
In-App Live Lectures
Pre- recorded video lectures
In-App Notes.

Ques- How many devices can I use to log in?

Ans– It’s a single-user premium App. You can log-in in ONE Single FIXED device that is registered by us.

Ques- Am I allowed to take screenshots of the content from the app?

Ans– Taking screenshot is prohibited. It will suspend your plan and if repeated, then your subscription will get permanently suspended.

Ques- Can I install the App on iPad, Tablet and Laptop?

Ans– The App can be installed on Mobile, iPad and Tablet but is not supported on laptops due to security.

Please Note: It’s a single-user premium App. You can log-in in ONE Single FIXED device that is registered by us.

Ques- What will happen to my plan if I change my phone or device or number?

Ans–Your plan will be associated with your device, phone number & email id you use while subscribing. In case you want to change device associatd with your account you need contact our Team our helpline Nos: + 91-9999664864 or mail to contact@conceptualorthopedics.com

Please note that if you change your device, all your data, bookmarks, tests and usage is safe online. However, the downloaded videos will be lost in the process of device change.

Please Note: This is a single fix Device App , If your device has already been changed once, please remember that we cannot change the device again before 90 days.