Importance of notes:

  1. Provides knowledge of investigations and core pathology expected to be diagnosed during PG studies
  2. Helps to understand when an investigation is requested and what information should be looked for in the request
  3. Helps memorize information with images for easy recall
  4. Provides important uses, advantages and disadvantages of the methods that are essential for students to know about
  5. Helps to understand the basic concepts and science behind every radiological method of investigation used

How to use notes:

  1. Use them to facilitate knowledge acquisition by memorizing and recalling them
  2. Use them to jott down important facts and points during your practice to recall and memorize
  3. Retrieve information to curate your path for good clinical practice
  4. Use them for a quick read during the busy clinical training
  5. Use them as a base to consolidate your resources

Check In-App Notes Sample Pages

Check In-App Notes Sample Pages

imaging in head trauma

brain tumors

basics of radiation physics

CXR interpretation basic approach

approach to benign pediatric lesions

diffuse thyroid

approach to mediastinal masses